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i'm mallory ervin

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about me

"Your darkest moments can lead to your greatest purpose"

I’m a Kentucky grown, Nashville living dreamer that had a round about way of arriving to today. From my time in Miss America to being a three time contestant on a reality show, it all began by sharing my love of fashion & beauty and quickly transformed into a platform for impact.

the story

Living Fully® merchandise was once a dream of Kyle’s actually, and has since transformed into one of my favorite parts of the brand. From the early days of the line, to selling out launches within seconds, to a full blown community across Facebook and Instagram, this platform has taken off in ways I never expected it to – and I owe it all to this community.

Seeing our designs while walking the streets of Nashville or while shopping at the grocery store has been so exciting, gratifying and humbling. I love bringing the message of Living Fully out through design. It’s been a dream come true!

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I love this Living Fully Community. It has been our corner of the world as we help each other and grow while living life to the fullest. The community we have built is one of my proudest ventures. I am not only extremely grateful, but ready to keep on going and growing!